Page 15 - Heart Failure Guidelines
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Pediatric Heart Failure Guidelines

               Exercise Training

                       •  Exercise test should be completed prior to giving permission for training activities
                       •  Exercise recommendations should concentrate on developing sustainable routines
                          and involve activities that the child enjoys and will likely be sustainable
                       •  Exercise recommendations can consist of aerobic and resistance training, with
                          activities that keep heart rate around the anaerobic threshold based upon the
                          exercise test and should be done with involvement with physical therapy and/or
                          Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation consult

               Probable contraindications to exercise

                       •  Decrease in SBP with exercise
                       •  Significant arrhythmias with exercise
                       •  Newly developed NYHA class 4 symptoms
                       •  Current acute myocarditis
                       •  Moderate-severe left sided obstructive lesion
                       •  Evidence of myocardial ischemia on exercise test

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