Page 9 - Heart Transplant Guidelines
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Heart Function Service: Heart Transplant Guidelines

               Pre-Transplant Pharmacy Assessment
                     All patients will be evaluated by the transplant pharmacist, who will give family a brief
                       overview of immunosuppression and prophylactic antibiotics.

                     They will introduce the family to the medication schedule they will be on post-
                     There will be documentation of their evaluation in EPIC.

               Pre-Transplant Psychology Assessment
                     Psychology’s standard psychosocial assessment includes identification of family
                       strengths and risk factors for poor post-transplant outcome including:
                     Knowledge, understanding, and commitment to the heart transplant process.
                     Patient and family adherence to treatment and barriers to adherence.
                     Patient social, emotional, behavioral, and neurocognitive functioning.
                     Patient and family coping abilities and strategies.
                     Family functioning including familial mental health history.
                     Social, personal, housing, vocational, financial, and environmental supports.

               Pre-Transplant Palliative Care Assessment
                     Introduction to palliative services including patient and family support, assistance as
                       needed with decision-making, and symptom management.
                     Obtain family background and history, as well as their support systems
                     Reiterate complexity of post OHT care
                     Discuss families goals and options of care, as well as concerns

               Pre-Transplant Child Life Assessment

                     Evaluate the patient’s understanding of his/her medical condition and provide
                       developmentally appropriate education regarding hospitalization and need for
                     Assess patient’s coping behaviors, provide emotional support, and decrease stress
                       associated with hospitalization and medical procedures.

               Pre-Transplant Pastoral Care Assessment
                     Assess patient and families spiritual and emotional coping, religious or faith tradition,
                       spiritual beliefs
                     Evaluate patient and families communities of emotional support

               Pre-Transplant Nutrition Assessment
                     Assess patient’s nutritional status.

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