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Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Guidelines


               These guidelines are the work of the VAD team whose collective experience over the years and from
               different centers around the world have been brought together in this document. The evidence base for
               these guidelines was researched by physicians, surgeons and nurse practitioners.

               While guidelines are important in standardizing care they are only a guide to patient management and
               are not a substitute for discussing patient care with colleagues or obtaining further advice when

               While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in these
               guidelines, the authors cannot guarantee the information provided on this site or its links. It must also
               be made clear that if the information is used by those outside Children’s Medical Center, Dallas or UT
               Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas it is entirely at the risk of the user.

               The VAD Committee is led by David Sutcliffe and Ryan Davies. Committee members also include Ryan
               Butts, Erin Gordon, Susi Hupp, Jake Jaquiss, Jodie Lantz and Josh Wolovits.

               More information can be found in the VAD folder on the Children’s SharePoint Drive

                David L. Sutcliffe, MD          Ryan R. Davies, MD, FACS       Josh Wolovits, MD
                Assistant Professor of Pediatrics   Associate Professor, Department of  Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
                University of Texas Southwestern   Cardiovascular and Thoracic   University of Texas Southwestern
                Medical Center                  Surgery, University of Texas   Medical Center
                                                Southwestern Medical Center
                Medical Director, VAD Program   Surgical Director, VAD Program   Medical Director of Cardiac ICU

                Signed on behalf of the VAD Committee, 2  January 2019

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