Cardiac Steroid Wean - Professor Richard Kirk 2023

Professor Richard Kirk
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Cardiac Steroid Weaning Protocol
This Protocol is used for transplants at high risk for rejection
or after a steroid pulse for rejection
Time after Transplant or Steroid PulsePrednisolone DoseMaximum Prednisolone Dose
Day 1 & 2
2 mg/kg/day125 mg
Day 3 & 41 mg/kg/day 75 mg
Day 5 & 60.5 mg/kg/day50 mg
Day 7 to end of Month 30.25 mg/kg/day25 mg
If all remains well with no rejection continue steroid wean
Month 40.2 mg/kg/day20 mg
Month 50.15 mg/kg/day15 mg
Months 60.1 mg/kg/day10 mg
Consider stopping at 6 months
Please read these notes on steroids and risk of adrenal suppression
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