Presentations - Professor Richard Kirk 2023

Professor Richard Kirk
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  1. Dispositivi medici e cardiopatie congenite. Amodeo A, Rachele R, Kirk R. Uso, Esiti Clinini e Valutazione (HTA) di Technologie e Dispositivi Medici per la Diagnosi, La Terapia e la Riablitazione Delle e Malforamzioni Congentie in Eta Pediatrica, San Paolo, Roma
  2. The ethical treatment protocol as a result of different clinical and cultural approaches. Accademia Lancisiana, Roma
  3. Epidemiology of Paediatric Heart Failure in the Third Millennium. EACTS Academy , Rome
  4. Destination VAD is probably a reality for GUCH patients, even if listed for transplant, given the current donor situation. EACTS Academy , Rome
  5. Principi e pratica nella valutazione dei candidati. Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Rome

  1. Rejection: Background & Surveillance. Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Rome
  2. Pills, Pumps & More Pills: Transplantation Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Rome

  1. Exploring the Chaplain’s use of "Holy Listening Stones" in Pre-transplant Evaluations. Courtney Webb, Cassidy Wohlfarth, Kelli Triplett, Ryan Campbell, Richard Kirk. IPTA 2019
  2. Cardiac CT vs Invasive Coronary Angiography in Pediatric Post-Cardiac Transplantation Associated Coronary Allograft Vasculopathy. Vasu Gooty, Jeanne Dillenbeck, Nathanya Hernandez, Richard Kirk, Ryan J Butts, Tarique Hussain. AHA 2019
  3. Transplant Center Refusal Rate and Waitlist Outcomes in Pediatric Heart Transplantation. N. Baez, R. Davies, R. Kirk, M. Bano, D. Sutcliffe, R. Jaquiss, R. Butts ISHLT 2019
  4. Standardized Donor Acceptance Criteria: Impact on Pediatric Waitlist and Heart Transplant Outcomes. N. Baez, R. Kirk, R. Davies, D. Sutcliffe, M. Bano, R. Jaquiss, R. Butts. N. Baez, R. Davies, R. Kirk, M. Bano, D. Sutcliffe, R. Jaquiss, R. Butts ISHLT 2019
  5. Heart Transplantation in an Infant with Williams-Beuren Syndrome and Rapidly Progressive Ischemic Cardiomyopathy. N. Baez, R. Davies, R. Kirk, M. Bano, D. Sutcliffe, R. Jaquiss, R. Butts. ISHLT 2019
  1. Fifty Years of Pediatric Heart Transplantation - The First Successful Case and Results of the Early Era. CR Kirk, RJ Butts, AI Dipchand. ISHLT 2018
  2. The First Analysis of the International Pediatric Heart Failure Registry (iPHFR) - Heart Failure Hospitalizations. AI Dipchand, R Kirk. ISHLT 2018
  3. Utilization and Outcomes for BiVADs in Pedimacs Patients. Ryan Butts, David Sutcliffe, Ryan Davies, R. Jake Jaquiss, Timothy Pirolli, Robert Morrow, Maria Bano, Ang Gao, Song Zhang, Richard Kirk. ISHLT 2018Pills, Pumps & More Pills: Transplantation Today. CR Kirk. Given to
  4. Pretransplant Amiodarone Use and Post-transplant Outcomes in Pediatric Heart Transplant: A Propensity Score Analysis of the ISHLT Transplant Registry Ryan J Butts, Anne I Dipchand, David Sutcliffe, Maria Bano, Robert Morrow, Richard Kirk. ISHLT 2018
  5. Earlier Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy and Graft Failure in Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients After Rejection with Severe Hemodynamic Compromise. IJA Kleinman, J Grall, SR Auerbah, GA Wallis, K Ramakrishnan, R Singh, RL Caldwell, R Kirk, AJ Savage, HT Henderson, MD Everitt. SHLT 2018
  6. ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Early After Pediatric Heart Transplantation M Bano, R Kirk. ISHLT 2018
  7. The Outcome of Cardiac Transplantation in patients with Down syndrome. Espeed Khoshbin, Zdenka Reinhardt, Richard Kirk, Gareth Parry, Stephan Schueler, Asif Hasan. ISHLT 2018
  8. Post-transplant Mortality and the Components of Donor Organ Ischemic Time in Pediatric Heart Transplantation. R. R. Davies, T. J. Pirolli, M. Bano, R. J. Butts, D. L. Sutcliffe, R. Kirk, R. D. Jaquiss. ISHLT 2018
    1. Grand Rounds, Texas Tech, El Paso
  9. When is the optimum time to refer for transplant? University of Texas, Health, San Antonio, Texas
  10. Pediatric Cardiac Transplantation today…is it the future? University of Texas, Health, San Antonio, Texas
  11. JHLT at ISHLT, Nice, France: The Year in a Capsule – Expert discussant – Pediatric Heart and Lung Transplantation
  12. An ethical framwork for cardiac transplant patient selection. UT Southwestern Medical Center, Faculty Presentaton.

  1. Case Presentation with discussion: Infant with end-organ dysfnction- patient selection and optimization prior to VAD implantation. ISHLT VAD Academy, San Diego
  2. Managing the RV after LVAD placement. ISHLT VAD Academy, San Diego
  3. Will Anybody Still Transplant My Patient?  Programmatic Issues with Taking On Complex Fontan Patients? ISHLT Annual Meeting, San Diego
  4. Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) - Is it an option for children? IPTA Biannual meeting, Barcelona
  5. Continuous Donor Perfusion for Heart Preservation. 4th International Conference on Cardiomyopathy in Children. Bethesda
  6. Options in Treating Recurrent, Recalcitrant & Hemodynamically Compromised Rejection. CR Kirk Pediatric Heart Transplant Summit 2017 “Contemporary Challenges and Future Directions”, Seattle 2017
  7. Outpatient Management of Heart Failure – Guidelines. Southeast Pediatric Cardiovascular Society (SEPCS), Atlanta, Georgia 2017
  8. When is the optimum time to refer for transplant? CR Kirk. Given to
    1. Fellows Conference, CMC, Dallas 2017
    2. Dell Children’s Hospital Austin, 2017
    3. Cook Hospital, Fort Worth, 2017
    4. Medical City Children’s Hospital, Dallas, 2017
  9. Pills, Pumps & More Pills: Transplantation Today. CR Kirk. Given to:
    1. Grand Rounds CMC, Dallas, 2017
    2. Grand Rounds, Children’s Hospital, Amarillo, 2017
  1. Paediatric Cardiology in real life. York Surgical Society at the Hull York Medical School
  2. Fixing Broken Hearts, Durham University Medical Society
  3. Notes from a small island – Children's Medical Center of Dallas
  1. What Every Paediatric Cardiologist should know about Transplantation! NPCM Oslo 2015
  2. Paediatric Ventricular Assist Devices. NPCM, Oslo 2015
  3. ISHLT Pediatric Heart Failure Guidelines. NPCM, Oslo 2015
  4. Paediatric Ventricular Assist Devices, Edmonton
  5. How hard should we try? Edmonton
  6. Non Heart Beating Donor Transplants (DCD), Edmonton
  7. Heart Transplantation from DCD Donors - A Pediatric Perspective. ISHLT, Nice
  8. The Heart and its Impact on Lung Transplantation. IPTA, San Francisco
  9. Treatment Options for Established Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy in Children. IPTA, San Francisco
  10. Transplant & Ventricular Assist, Heart Failure Symposium, Birmingham
  11. Heart Failure in Children, Heart Failure Symposium, Birmingham
  12. Fixing Broken Hearts. Newcastle University
  1. The UK Transplant Journey. British Congenital Cardiovascular Association, Manchester
  2. Paediatric Ventricular Assist Devices. European Mechanical Circulatory Support Summit, Bad Oeynhausen  
  3. The Failing Myocyte. Paediatric Intensive Care Society. Newcastle upon Tyne  
  4. Ischemic Cardiomyopathy. Heart Failure Summit Cincinnati
  5. Impact of VAD Technology on Pre and Post HTx Outcomes. World Transplant Congress San Francisco  
  6. AMR-directed therapies: poisoning, blockade or removal – take your pick!! ISHLT. San Diego  
  7. Highlights of End Stage Cardiothoracic Disease in Children ISHLT. San Diego  
  8. Mechanical assist weaning in pediatric patients: Practical considerations. Cardiac
  9. Recovery Symposium Salt Lake City  
  1. Myocarditis: medical or mechanical support?. EACTS Vienna  
  2. Mechanical Cardiac Support Workshop IPTA Warsaw
  3. Surgical Challenges in Heart  Transplantation (on behalf Mr Hasan) IPTA Warsaw
  4. Approach to Counselling Parents of babies with Congenital Heart Disease. Teesside Neonatal Cardiology & Haemodynamics Conference. Middlesbrough
  5. Can and should we undertake ABOi & HLAi in sensitised patients? Toronto
  6. Can we learn anything from the British? CT Scanning Coronary Arteries. Toronto
  7. Young Person’s Clinic. Toronto
  8. Parent and Professional Interactions. Toronto
  9. Trials and tribulations of weaning from VAD. Toronto
  10. Can we learn anything from the British? Elective ECMO as BTR for “unusable” hearts. Toronto
  11. Immunosuppression: Induction & Maintenance. ISHLT Academy, Montreal  
  12. CT Angiography. UK Tx Physicians Newcastle upon TyneCan and should we undertake ABOi & HLAi in sensitised patients? UK Tx Physicians Newcastle upon Tyne
  13. Management Of Sensitized Candidates Using Desensitization And Virtual/Prospective Cross-Match: Patience Is A Virtue! IHSLT Debate Montreal
  14. CHUF: Children’s Heart Unit Fund. Coventry  
  15. Paediatric Transplantation. Association of Scientific Education. Durham  
  16. Transplant Coronary Disease. World Congress Paediatric Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Cape Town
  17. The ISHLT Pediatric Registry. World Congress Paediatric Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Cape Town
  18. Sensitisation. World Congress Paediatric Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Cape Town
  19. Paediatric Transplantation. Freeman Transplant Academy. Institute of Transplantatio
  20. Immunosuppression: Induction & Maintenance. ISHLT Academy, Montreal
  21. Management Of Sensitized Candidates Using Desensitization And Virtual/Prospective Cross-Match: Patience Is A Virtue! ISHLT, Montreal

  1. UK Pediatric Infant Cardiothoracic Transplantation. Institute of Transplantation
  2. History of Transplantation 407 BC to 2025 AD. Institute of Biomedical Scientists. Beamish
  3. The ABCs of AMR: Antibodies, B Cells, Complement/Coagulation: A Rational Approach to Treatment Strategies ISHLT Prague
  4. Heart Failure & Transplantation. Liverpool
  5. Fixing Broken Hearts. Mini Medical School, Newcastle
  6. Congenital Heart Disease and Transplantation. St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle

  1. There is Still a Role for Registries in Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation. ATC Philadelphia
  2. Transition - what the Paediatric Cardiologists wants from the Adult Cardiologist. UK Transplant Physicians, Cambridge
  3. Sensitised Cardiothoracic Patients. Transplant Academy, London

2010 & Before
  1. Paediatric Transplantation. NHSBT, Newcastle 2010
  2. Freeman Paediatric Cardiac Transplant Program. German Pediatric Cardiac Society. Frankfurt Heart Transplant Assessment. GOSH, London 2005
  3. Kawasaki disease & Holes in the Heart. Great Eastern, Singapore 2003
  4. Interventional Cardiology. Medan 2003
  5. New Interventional Techniques. Bandung 2002
  6. Ventricular Septal Defects in the Young Adult. Echo Singapore 2002
  7. Interventional Cardiology. Dhaka 2002
  8. Pulmonary Valve Lesions: Echo-Doppler evaluation. Echo Singapore 2001
  9. Palpitations – when and when not to worry! Paediatric Shared Care Programme. Singapore 2001
  10. Prenatal diagnosis and management of congenital heart disease. Postgraduate Meeting. East Glamorgan 1998
  11. Fetal cardiac screening in a district general hospital. Swansea 1997
  12. Advances in Paediatric Cardiology. BHF Symposium 1997
  13. Approach to paediatric cardiac problems. GP Symposium. Cardiff 1997
  14. Fetal Cardiology. Neonatal Group, Swansea 1997
  15. Management of blue babies. Postgraduate Meeting, East Glamorgan 1997
  16. Why undertake cardiac screening? Midwives Study Day, Swansea 1997
  17. Fetal cardiac disease.  Cardiff Postgraduate Medical Centre 1997
  18. Is fetal cardiac scanning worthwhile? Postgraduate Centre, Abergavenny 1997
  19. Paediatric Cardiology Update. Barry Medical Society, Barry 1997
  20. Fetal cardiac disease for midwives. Midwifery Group, Swansea 1996
  21. Fetal echocardiography. Postgraduate ultrasound course, Cardiff 1996
  22. All Wales Perinatal Survey and Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths in Infancy - Annual Meeting. Cardiff 1995
  23. Practical Paediatric Cardiology. Membership Course, Cardiff 1994
  24. Transposition - historical perspectives and current management. University of Medicine, Bucharest 1994
  25. Fetal cardiac anomalies - prognosis and management. University of Medicine, Bucharest 1994
  26. Paediatric Cardiology and Surgery should only be performed in Centres with a minimum of 500 operations per year. Cardiology in the Young, London 1994
  27. Transcatheter or transthoracic ductal occlusion. University of Medicine, Bucharest 1994
  28. An approach to paediatric echocardiography. Fundeni Hospital, Bucharest 1994
  29. Fetal echocardiography; is it worth the effort? East Glamorgan Postgraduate Centre, Church Village 1994
  30. Fetal echocardiographic technique. Acuson Seminar, Gothenburg 1994
  31. Child to Adult II: Congenital heart disease. University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff 1993
  32. Echocardiography in children. Acuson Training Course, Cairo 1993
  33. Do children with congenital cardiac disease survive to their second dentition? British Society of Paediatric Dentistry, Cardiff 1993
  34. The Welsh Cardiac Unit. Heart Circle, Cardiff 1993
  35. Fetal Echocardiography: screening and cost effectiveness. The Welsh Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society, Swansea 1993
  36. Paediatric Cardiology. Postgraduate Meeting, East Glamorgan 1992
  37. Fetal Cardiac Screening. Postgraduate Meeting, Haverfordwest 1992
  38. Cardiac Screening. Postgraduate Meeting, Caerphilly 1992
  39. The significance of cardiac murmurs and their implications to school activities. The Society of Public Health, Cardiff 1992
  40. Fetal Echocardiography. South Wales Ultrasound Group, Swansea 1992
  41. Asymptomatic murmurs in the newborn... what to do and when to refer. Postgraduate Meeting, Cardiff 1991
  42. Diagnosis and management of cyanotic congenital heart disease in neonates. Postgraduate Meeting, Cardiff 1991
  43. Paediatric cardiac care. Postgraduate Meeting, Carmarthen 1991
  44. Computer database in practice. Hewlett Packard, Cheadle 1991
  45. The management of significant cardiac disease - the mystery revealed. Association of Critical Care Nurses, Cardiff 1991
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