Team Building - Professor Richard Kirk 2020

Professor Richard Kirk
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I have been privileged to be a part of, and built, teams around the world. These teams have provided medical care, education and charitable support to children's heart programs.

I went to Dallas in 2016 to develop the transplant and heart failure team at Children's Health and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Within three years the team had expanded and the program was the second largest in the nation with excellent results.
This work established that some reasons for refusing donated organs are incorrect. Such knowledge will decrease the refusal rate of organs, increase the chances of sucessful transplantation and maximize the impact of this amazing gift from grieving families.
I was Chairman of the Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) recruiting a Chief Executive and fundraisers. CHUF was accorded the honor of being North East Charity of the Year in 2015 and I was shortlisted for Charity leader of the year.
As part of my scientific work I have also recruited and managed teams which developed the first comprehensive Pediatric Heart Failure Guidelines.
During my time at Freeman Hospital I developed the Pediatric Cardiac Transplant team recruiting specialist nurses, social workers and psychologists.
The first team I built established the Children’s Heart Centre for Wales. This required recruiting surgeons, cardiologists and nurses and designing the physical spaces.
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